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Tentang Situs

Situs chem-is-try.org bertujuan memperkenalkan lebih luas tentang dunia kimia dan perkembangannya dalam bahasa Indonesia melalui sarana internet.

Awal dikembangkannya chem-is-try.org bermula dari kurangnya situs kimia berbahasa Indonesia dan keinginan beberapa pemerhati sains untuk menambah lebih banyak informasi ilmiah khususnya kimia.Situs ini diharapkan dapat memberikan motivasi kepada pembaca terutama pelajar untuk lebih memperdalam ilmu kimia . llmu kimia (chemistry) didasari oleh kemauan untuk berlatih dan bereksperimen, oleh karena itu situs ini bernama chem-is-try.org (kimia adalah eksperimen).

chem-is-try.org terbentuk sejak Januari 2003, merupakan situs  kimia pertama di Indonesia dan bersifat non komersial. Pada awal tahun 2003, versi pertama dari situs chem-is-try.org dibuat. Masih sedikitnya situs kimia berbahasa Indonesia dan isi situs yang cukup berbobot membuat kehadiran situs ini mendapat sambutan yang cukup hangat dari para pecinta kimia di Indonesia. Artikel-artikel singkat tentang situs ini pun bermunculan di beberapa media elektronik di Indonesia.

Maret 2003, setelah bergabungnya beberapa anggota redaksi, perpindahan server dan perbaikan sistem, tampilan serta isi situs, muncullah versi kedua chem-is-try.org. Memasuki tahun 2009, chem-is-try.org kembali lahir dalam desain dan sistem yang baru untuk lebih memudahkan komunitas berinteraksi dan kontribusi.

Chem-is-try.org mendapat kesempatan untuk mewakili Indonesia dalam kompetisi WSIS Award 2003 untuk kategori e-science. Pada tahun 2008, Situs chem-is-try.org menerima penghargaan juara ke-2 e-Learning Award 2008 kategori blog edukatif Pendidikan Tinggi dan Komunitas dari Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Indonesia.

Chem-is-try.org membuka kesempatan kepada seluruh kontributor untuk mengkontribusikan artikel ilmiah, profil, hasil penelitian, skripsi dan informasi penting lainnya yang berhubungan dengan kimia dengan mengirim ke artikel dan informasi tersebut ke redaksi@chem-is-try.org atau melalui kontak kami.

About Us (English Version)

Chem-is-try.org was founded in January 2003 to provide its viewers – primarily to high school and undergraduate students of chemistry – with general information and educational materials in chemistry. It is the first such website written in Indonesian.

Our site features columns on the following areas: popular articles related to chemistry and chemical engineering, profiles of well-known chemists, basic educational materials in fundamental chemistry, the periodic table, an organic chemistry database, information about the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), Ask the Expert, and an online discussion forum.

Soon after being launched, chem-is-try.org received a warm welcome from its intended audience. Articles also started to appear about it on many other sites. Helped by word-of-mouth advertising, it later came to attract even more visitors. It has nominated as Indonesia’s best e-science representative to compete in the World Summit on Information Society 2003 in Geneva and also received the 2nd winner of E-learning Awards 2008 for the educational website category.

The site’s contents and design have slowly evolved into its present form. It is produced by student and professional volunteers who are studying and working from across the world. Our favorite experience in carrying out the project has been getting to know and collaborate with each other in developing the site. Although the members of the producing team have different backgrounds, each contributes meaningfully to the website.

We learn from each other, and through our collective efforts manage to serve our readers well. Many readers were delighted to discover a chemistry website written in Indonesian. Their appraisal and constructive criticisms have motivated us to work harder and do better on the project.

Realizing that chemistry as a branch of science plays a vital role in developing many technology-based industries, we strive to ensure that its fundamentals are better understood by Indonesian students and youth worldwide.

Through the various columns that we feature on the website, we would like to send the message to our visitors that chemistry can be learned and mastered in a fun way. In short, we derive the pleasure of knowing that our small project contributes to the larger effort of educating our nation.

For more information, visit our website at www.chem-is-try.org or email us at redaksi@chem-is-try.org.

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